The World of Dan and Walker

The west coast of Canada, where Dan Connor is based and where Walker is at home, is both remote and beautiful. It is a world of mist, the land cut by deep fjords that reach far into the Coast Mountains and the ocean dotted with islands. The steep shores are clothed in green: cedar, hemlock, and yew with cottonwood and aspen in the clearings. Salal and kinnikinick. Cloud berries. Salmon berries.

The largest remaining temperate rainforest is here, and much of it is still wild and uninhabited — at least by humans!

Grizzly and brown bear, wolf, coyote, mink, badger, river otters, sea otters roam the land. Salmon, halibut and rock cod swim in the sea along with the whales and dolphins and seals.

This is the world of Dan Connor, Walker, Claire, and Annie. To learn more about it, go to my Contacts page and sign up for my monthly newsletter!

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