I Come From

I recently did a presentation at an event called "Open Circle", in Ajijic, Mexico, and I introduced those in attendance to an exercise I think is one of the best I have ever come across to help anyone reach deep inside themselves to find what's really important.

In explaining the exercise, which is called "I Come From", I gave two examples from workshops and many asked me to post those examples here and on my website. For those of you who asked, here they are.

The first is from a 17-year old girl.

I come from strip malls and soccer teams. I come from Church on Sundays as all good Christian should do. I come from a mother with immigrant parents and a father who says "I ain't no WASP". I come from watching TV and playing video games until I hear "Do your homework". I come from Littleton, Colorado, home of the "It can't happen to us - until it did. We are all Columbine.

The second is written by a woman in her sixties:

I come from turmoil and peace A life of travel and no warm home I come from cultures far from me Absorbed through eyes too young to see I come from space, without a base, No ropes to bind, no hand to hold. I come from schools and desks and books And incense burning over pews. I come from thoughts, kept close and tight; A wandering path through pools of light. Once I was small, too small to see, But now I know that I am me.

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