Dark Moon Walking

"He didn't know what woke him, but it might not have been much. Sleep not longer came easily to Dan Connor."

"Dark Moon Walking is a terrific read. From the very first page the reader knows she is the hands of an expert story teller. The characters are vivid. The setting, a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, is described so well one can almost hear the rain dripping off the pines and the salmon jumping upstream."

    Roberta Rich. Author of The Midwife of Venice & The Harem Midwife

This book will keep you guessing at the ending right up to the final chapter and then leave you panting for a sequel. It's a book in which everything clicks.

   Antonio Rambles. Ojo de Lago

Black Tide Rising

"The chisel slid into the soft wood as easily as an eel slips through water. He had known in would."

"R.J. McMillen's mastery of description adds so much to this chilling mystery. This is a book to read in the comforting light of day."

   Judy King. Living at Lake Chapala.

"Black Tide honors the tradition of the great mystery novelists of the 40's and 50's. In McMillen's world there are no psychic profilers, CSI forensics or electronic surveillance, and yet i its old fashoned reliance on little more than intuition and powers of deduction it is literally as contemporary as the war on terrorism."          Antonio Rambles.  The Mirasol Redemption

Green River Falling
"The scent drifted past the thousand-year old cedars. It wrapped around the soaring trunks, caught on the rough bark, slid softly across the moss-covered branches on unseen currents of air."

"What a great read - I can't wait til the next one! Loved it!

    Bonnie Siddon

"I didn't know what to expect but I would rate Green River Falling as the best book I have read all year!"

    Tim Floritto

Gray Sea Running

"The floats of the North Island Marina were crowded as Dan Connor walked down the dock, sailboats and powerboats ostling for space, some tied two or three deep."


"Her descriptions of the west coast are so vivid, readers feel the fog and rain, smell the ocean and see the seals playing. McMillen researches her books by consulting the wonderful and generous people of the area and recognizes and thanks them in the Acknowledgements."

   Keira Morgan.  The Importance of Pawns.

Pale Mist Drifting

Available on June 30, 2022.

“Do you believe in them—spirit creatures?”

 “You mean like the ones Walker sometimes talks about?”

 She nodded.

He took a long time to answer and when he did he didn’t dismiss the idea outright as she had expected.