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Four men have gone missing and Dan Connor is determined to find them. With two of them members of a remote and reclusive community, that's not going to be easy. Once again Connor is going to need the help of Walker, the man he arrested and put in jail more than twelve years ago, but Walker too is proving hard to find, and the search is going to stir up some long-buried memories for both of them.

It’s been more than eight years since Dan Connor put a troubled criminal named Walker behind bars, and a year since he handed in his badge. The remote islands off the Pacific Northwest seem like the perfect destination for his retirement. That is until waves of increasingly sinister events disrupt his peace. 


When a mysterious boat drives Dan from his anchorage and a marine biologist from the area goes missing, Dan teams up with Walker, now released from jail. As a life hangs in the balance and others are threatened, the knowledge and skills of these two men from very different cultures are the perfect mix. 

With an eclectic cast of characters and a riveting plot, the first Dan Connor Mystery, Dark Moon Walking, is a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller that will keep you turning the pages until its explosive conclusion.


A woman is missing on Nootka Island - a densely wooded remote region on the Pacific Northwest coast - and retired cop Dan Connor is pulled into the search to find her.


At first, a large pool of blood and a vandalized totempole are the only clues Dan has to go on. When he unexpectedly spies Walker paddling up to shore, Dan learns that his Native friend has ties to this small community, and recruits him to help.


Walker's tracking skills point the search in the right direction, but when a boy's lifeless body is foud, Dan and Walker realize that something more menacing is afoot. The two men, each from very different cultures, combine their skills and resources to launch a manhunt for a kidnapper and a kiler.

A cold and calculating serial killer is on the loose, brutally claiming the lives of pipeline employees. Authoritie suspect a Haida man—an old friend of Walker—and when a sixth person goes missing, Walker enlists the help of RCMP officer Dan Connor to help uncover the truth.


But even as Dan and Walker immerse themselves in the search for answers, the body count keeps rising. When Walker goes missing and Dan is attacked and left for dead, it seems no one can escape the path of a killer.


Evocative and suspenseful, Green River Falling contrasts the pristine beauty of British Columbia’s remote central coast—and the people dedicated to preserving it—with the disastrous effectsof corporate greed and those whose livelihood depend on it.


Dark Moon Walking is a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller that will keep you turning the pages until its explosive conclusion

Touchwood Edition


R.J. McMillen's mastery of description and amazing ability to create enriched metaphors adds so much to this chilling mystery. This is a book to read in the comforting light of day!

Judy King, author of Living at Lake Chapala


What a great read - I can't wait til the next one comes out! Loved it!

Bonnie Siddon.


Dark Moon Walking is a terrific read. From the very first page the reader knows she is the hands of an expert story teller. The characters are vivid. The setting, a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, is described so well one can almost hear the rain dripping off the pines and the salmon jumping upstream.
Roberta Rich. Author of The Midwife of Venice & The Harem Midwife

Dark Moon Walking honors the tradition of the great mysery novelists of the '40's and 50's. In McMillen's world there are no psychic profilers, CSI forensics, or electronic surveillance, and yet in its old fashioned reliance on little more than intuition and powers of deduction is is literally as contemporary as the war on terrorism.

This book will keep you guessing at the ending right up to the final chapter, and then leave you panting for a sequel. It's a book in which everything clicks, and one well worth adding to your summer reading list.

Ojo de Lago - Antonio Rambles

If you like to read and want a really great book , try Dark Moon Walking by R.J.  McMillen. I admit I didn't know what to expect, but I would rate it as the best book I have read all year. 

Tim Floritto

Fabulous! McMillen makes the stark islands off western Canada a character as vivid and compelling as her main protagonists. Love the tension between Connor and Walker and their culture clash. If you pick up this book, prepare to lose a weekend!  

Kelly Hayes-Raitt.  Author of forthcomingLiving Large In Limbo: