Her writing is impeccable, with each word carefully chosen and perfect in the situation. Each character is well drawn, unique and memorable. The pacing is rapid and each book hard to put down.

      Keira Morgan. 

The Importance of Pawns.


"A pure pleasure to read. 

        Roberta Rich.          

  The Midwife of Venice.  


Fabulous! McMillen makes the stark islands off western Canada a character as vivid and compelling as her main protagonists. Love the tension between Connor and Walker and their culture clash. If you pick up any of these books, prepare to lose a weekend!  

                Kelly Hayes-Raitt.  Living Large In Limbo

Dark Moon Walking is a fast-paced, suspenseful thriller that will keep you turning the pages until its explosive conclusion

Touchwood Edition



What a great read - I can't wait til the next one comes out! Loved it!

Bonnie Siddon.


Dark Moon Walking is a terrific read. From the very first page the reader knows she is the hands of an expert story teller. The characters are vivid. The setting, a remote island in the Pacific Northwest, is described so well one can almost hear the rain dripping off the pines and the salmon jumping upstream.
Roberta Rich. Author of The Midwife of Venice & The Harem Midwife

Dark Moon Walking honors the tradition of the great mysery novelists of the '40's and 50's. In McMillen's world there are no psychic profilers, CSI forensics, or electronic surveillance, and yet in its old fashioned reliance on little more than intuition and powers of deduction is is literally as contemporary as the war on terrorism.

This book will keep you guessing at the ending right up to the final chapter, and then leave you panting for a sequel. It's a book in which everything clicks, and one well worth adding to your summer reading list.

Ojo de Lago - Antonio Rambles

If you like to read and want a really great book , try Dark Moon Walking by R.J.  McMillen. I admit I didn't know what to expect, but I would rate it as the best book I have read all year. 

Tim Floritto

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